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El Paso

El Paso Restaurant

El Paso wanted a TV commercial to expand their market. We visited the restaurant, shot a range of footage, and then wrote a script with professional voiceover talent.

Visual Health Doctors

Visual Health Doctors of Optometry

This is an example of a TV commercial we produced for a client that had a limited budget. We incorporated stock photography and graphics to give the ad a nice, clean look, with a strong call to action at the end.

Quote My Contracter

Quote My Contractor

We were approached by a marketing company who wanted us to produce a TV commercial for Quote My Contractor, a new startup venture. They wanted to show how easy it is to go to their website, find a contractor, and get a quote, all with a click of a button.

Leesburg Antiques

Leesburg Antiques

For Leesburg Antiques, we produced three TV commercials. We provided scriptwriting that focused in three main areas: one about how they buy and sell gold; a general one that talked about antiques; and another one about their new second location.

Metropolitan Aviation

Metropolitan Aviation

This is a commercial for a private jet company based out of Manassas, VA. They needed a video to air at Madison Square Garden in NY for a special event. As this was a last minute decision, we moved quickly and shot and edited this video in less than a week.