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Media Strategy

Every successful production starts with a pre-production meeting where we map out the project. We discuss your objectives, concepts and strategies. Once we have all of the information we can formulate a plan of action so that your video reaches the intended audience and gets your desired results.


Script Writing

We work with several award winning producers and scriptwriters so don’t worry if you aren’t able to write a script. We have all the people in place to help make your project a success.


Event Coverage

We offer full coverage of live events such as performances, private gatherings and corporate seminars.

  • Multiple camera coverage
  • Onsite interviews
  • Photography coverage

Media Placement

We can help you with not only the production of your commercial content, but we also have connections within the TV, Radio and internet markets. We work with other vendors, networks and marketing companies so that you have help implementing your new marketing directive.

Post Production

Do you have footage that you need edited? We work with many clients who have their own footage and just need it edited. We provide many post services such as:

  • Video Editing
  • DVD Authoring
  • Color Correction

Green Screen

On location green screen services​ to make sure that whatever the conditions of the shoot, your subject will be in the proper setting!