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Our Approach to Corporate Video Production.

Our Stories Deliver Content & Action.

At Brand Ready Media, we help consulting firms write creative messages, produce engaging videos and distribute relevant content to their ideal target market, internally or externally. First, our goal is to learn about your project: your corporate video production deadline, goals, and budget. Next we provide you a high concept outline. Once you approve the concept we spring into action. We like every step of the process — but when it comes to making your company look good, we hope you’re ready for your close-up.

At all stages we keep you in the loop.

Are you tired of unprofessional production companies who are unresponsive, inefficient, inexperienced, and work part time? You can update your team at a moment’s notice. We give you a rough cut to send to your team for review.

We pride ourselves on the aesthetic quality of our video productions.

That’s where the final cut of your video production comes in. Once we complete the color correction and refine the audio, your story comes to life with the power of the moving image to captivate — with a compelling story that stirs your clients, getting the results you desire.
Bryan McLamara - CEO of Brand Ready


CEO / Creative Director


Bryan McLamara is a highly skilled and talented video producer. Trained in all aspects of video production over his 20 year career and as a former member of the Army National Guard he understands that hard work, discipline and a dedication to your craft make all the difference in a competitive world. Having worked with many different brands and companies over the years gives him the business and creative insights to recognize his clients’ opportunities, imagine new creative solutions and implement them in a focused and diligent manner.