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How Can Video Help in a Post-Covid World?

How Can Video Help in a Post-Covid World?

Our team at Brand Ready Media is shocked and dismayed at recent events, but we’re also staying strong, taking care of ourselves, and taking care of our clients as we all pivot through the months to come.

Here are some ways we can help you support your customers in the days and weeks ahead. We’re here to help you stay in business to promote your services and products while staying safe, working remote, and when absolutely necessary — filming at safe distances.

Repurpose Your Videos

This week we pivoted in our deliverable for Seth Kahan, who moved his popular Visionary Leadership Academy course online. Seth created a virtual module course for his in-person workshop, and to let his clients know we added a new audio recording at the end.

We can repurpose any of your footage we’ve archived from your previous projects and edit it with new messaging about your products or services. 

Stock Footage Videos

You can make a powerful impact with a video made entirely of stock footage. We have an extensive library and in most cases can make a video with our own clips. 

We recently helped a client who pivoted with an offering from his company in order to help businesses of Loudoun County during the Covid-19 crisis. We made the entire video out of stock footage. We look forward to sharing more information on this exciting project soon!

Repurpose Your Website Content

We can work with you to review your website content, blogs, and white papers to translate it into video content. By repurposing this content into video you’ll add a multimedia dimension to reach audiences in new ways with information about your products and services.

Share these on your social media business pages, or as part of an online ad campaign to show your prospects and clients how you can support them.

Online Marketing Campaigns

We can help you be sensitive to your customers and communicate thoughtfully while also helping you provide support and solutions for them.

You may have already heard that because of Covid-19, online ad spend is down. And for many industries, this makes sense. However, data also shows that user engagement on social media platforms is up, because many of us at home are spending more time online.

Many of our clients have asked us about the best platforms to connect. We have experience and expertise with a variety of platforms — LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google ads and more. We’re happy to talk with you about what we recommend in a no-risk phone call. Our goal is to let you know what to expect in terms of deliverables and cost. When you’re ready, we can pull the trigger.

Animated Videos

In some cases, animations may communicate your message about your services and products better. This is especially true for demonstrating trends, findings, and metrics in an animated infographic.

Mobile Phone Videos

Yes, this will most likely become a thing. And no one will judge. Right now using mobile footage is a great way to connect and communicate with prospects and clients.

Our team has created ad hoc mobile instruction videos for clients, and currently we’re putting together a quick, simple series so you can easily come up to speed. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can give us a call when you’re ready to record. We may ask you to text us a photo of your environment, so we can see the lighting and composition. We can also hop on a Zoom call to help you optimize your setup and give you a few pointers.

Here is our a list of our recommended gear, that costs a little over $300.

Customer Testimonials

As part of our mobile video series, we’ll include a video with instructions for your clients to shoot their own testimonials. We’re really excited to share this with you. Stay tuned!

Editing Services

If you have your own footage, raw footage in our archives, or want us to find stock clips in our library, give us a call. Our creative team will work with you first on messaging to target your most pressing business objectives, and then put together a video with impact.

Video Consultations

We’re knowledgeable in a variety of marketing avenues outside of video production. As with any well-executed plan, you want to share your videos in the optimal place and time. Give us a call and we’ll tell you how a video strategy can help. If you need another service such as website design or a management consulting, we have a rich network of knowledgeable colleagues we’re excited to connect you with. All of them offer a free, no-risk phone call to learn about you, what you’re experiencing, and to see how they can help.

On Location Shoots

For some clients, we’ve gone on-site to shoot. We keep at safe distances and have implemented processes to keep every interaction sterile and safe. These have included business owners directly addressing their customers with messaging about how they can support them. For every shoot we uphold the latest CDC recommendations for public health and safety practices, and will continue to do so in the months ahead.

Live Streaming

We have an amazing tool to deliver professional quality live streaming for a variety of purposes. With live streaming your prospects and customers can engage in sessions with your leadership, sales team, or other types of content including product demonstrations.

Branding Sessions

This is a popular deliverable streamlined by Kurt Schnied. He’s refined this to deliver it online to help organizations with their branding — as your brand is the source for everything from business priorities to staff onboarding to marketing. Stay tuned for more details in our next blog post. Reach out to Kurt at 703-646-8665 or kurtiz@brandready.com to learn more.

We imagine animations, stock footage videos, and mobile videos will become a major trend in 2020. Already this month, we’ve seen major brands use phone footage on commercials on popular networks.

While we work with a variety of industries, each of our solutions is customized. Call us and we can work together to find creative ways we can help you pivot in this period within your budget.

We look forward to talking with you about your goals and how we can help.