Do You Need a Culture Video?

Do You Need a Culture Video?

Government contractors, associations, and corporations need to distinguish themselves from their competition. Many prospects can’t tell the difference from all the companies out there. This is because upon first glance, it appears they all have the same capabilities. Oftentimes, when you offer the same services as your competitors, what sets you apart is a culture video.

Part of your marketing process should be to educate your prospects about your cultural differences. While they may be obvious to your employees and your customers, they are usually not readily apparent to your prospects.

Examples of how your culture sets you apart might be in how you perform your initial discovery or assessment phase, or how you deliver your product. It might also be in how you recruit, train, or retain your employees. It might even be how you interact with your customers.

Here is an example of a culture video that we did for Edgeworth Economics. This video shows their journey and growth over the last decade. It also serves as a compelling recruiting video to attract their desired talent.

If you’d like to learn how a culture video can help your organization, contact us today or schedule your discovery call.

Brand Ready Media’s Promo Shoot

Brand Ready Media’s Promo Shoot

In setting down to write my promo video for my own company I got to connect with my childhood passion while getting to reflect on how far I’ve come.

I was happy to work with my team, expressing how I wanted the shots to be reminiscent of the 1980s. That was a time when we were kids and each dreamed of making movies and becoming the next Steven Spielberg. For the props I researched and found an old Magnavox VHS camcorder, just like the one I used to use when I was a kid. One very important and symbolic prop was an old clapboard that my grandmother had given to me when I was a kid. I’ve had it for over 35 years and I am proud to say that it was instrumental in my love affair with film.

My location scout chose a nearby playground in Bethesda, Maryland and we set to casting the shoot, looking for 10 year old boys and girls to portray a film shoot like I did when I was young. I wanted to convey the fact that we have been filmmakers our whole lives, it’s not a profession that we chose as much as it’s who we are. Who we were born to be. I always believe that there are people who are born to be pianists, painters, writers, sculptors and we are no different.

When you hire our team we listen to you, to craft a video that will stand out from your competition. You get a perfectly tailored video that creates an emotion, a feeling, and an impression.

We’d like to thank our cast Isabelle White, Robert Nakhuda, Rocco Foster, Mackenzie Johnson, Julia Crausman, and Kyler Grant, for letting us relive our childhood passions for filmmaking once again!

Doctors – Showcase Your Procedures with a YouTube Video!

Doctors – Showcase Your Procedures with a YouTube Video!

YouTube recently surpassed television when it comes to consumer use. Hosting your videos on YouTube is a fantastic opportunity for cosmetic surgeons and other medical specialities to showcase their practices and grow their clientele.

It’s also much more cost effective, especially when you consider the fees involved with promoting your practice on cable or network television. You can use your YouTube channel to feature your practice as much as you like, when compared to traditional TV commercials.

Showcase your facility, feature your credentials and what sets you apart, and describe your procedures with specifics about what you can do for your patients.

We create effective videos that help patients and prospective patients see you as an expert in your field, and highlight your credibility and expertise. We recently shot this “Welcome to Our Practice” video for Dr. Steven B. Hopping. Check it out below.

As you can see, Dr. Hopping explains his procedures and the unique services offered in his practice by talking directly to prospective patients. This allows people viewing his video to engage with him in a face-to-face style, as if they were receiving a personal consultation. He has posted this video to the front page of his website to welcome visitors.

Here are some examples of what we can cover in your practice videos:

  1. What are your board certifications and credentials?
  2. What are some of your unique procedures and services?
  3. Do you have any patient testimonials to include?
  4. Are they hotels where patients from out of town can stay?
  5. Are there specific questions about procedures you can answer?

You can use your YouTube videos to demonstrate various procedures, explain treatment options for a variety of conditions, provide patient tips, and much more.

To learn more about the benefits of promoting your medical practice with video, contact us today. We’ll help you quickly generate content, so you can get back to what you do best — helping patients look and feel their best with your expertise.

Winning clients should be easier than wooing your ex-girlfriend.

Winning clients should be easier than wooing your ex-girlfriend.

Winning over your clients should be a lot easier than trying to woo your ex-girlfriend.

And… unlike your ex-girlfriend, video is here to stay. Facebook already makes video a priority with Live Video, and now ranks it above everything else in your feed.

So, how do you give your company the security it needs? With a video that showcases your brand, connects with clients and demonstrates the awesome story of why you’re great.

Have you ever heard the mantra, “Take care of your customers and the rest will take care of itself”? You grow your business when you help your clients grow their businesses. Discuss your strengths and expertise about your products and services. Give them the features that set your company apart. Let them make the informed decision to choose you above all others. Set the tone — and then encourage them to contact you.

You aim to be the best at what you do. Let us showcase your work and tell your story. And — feel lucky — like we said, reaching out to your customers with video is a lot easier than trying to win back an ex-girlfriend.

Video Marketing: First Things First

Video Marketing: First Things First

The future of marketing involves a strategy complete with video. It’s the best way to communicate why your products and services are great and have value. We believe video marketing is crucial, and who knows? There are industry leaders who posit that one day the internet will evolve to replace television.

There are predictions that every company — from small to medium to large businesses — will have to compete with video to increase their reach and promote their brand.

But, first things first: You need to define your goals. What do you want to accomplish with your video — more engagement, more sales, or both?

We use these questions as a launching pad with all our clients. Take a look:

  1. Tell us about your target audience, the customers you have or you’re looking to reach. Go past their name, age, gender and be sure to include the specifics: What are some of their daily tasks on the job? What do they do on the weekends with their family and friends? We recommend you have a clear image of them in your mind, down to their physical appearance.
  2. What problem or problems do you solve for your clients? What are the main benefits of your products or services?
  3. Are you looking to change or reinforce any perceptions clients have about your brand?
  4. After watching the video, what action do you want your customers to take?
  5. Where will your video be played? In a Facebook ad or on a landing page? Will it be sent to your email list?

It’s well known that content marketing wouldn’t be complete without video. So, first things first, what are some of your answers to these questions? Send them to us in an email. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know how we can help.

When You’re a Master, Less is More

When You’re a Master, Less is More

The beauty of the matter is less is more. To arrive there means chipping away at your message so all clients see is your brand and what you do best. We are all masters, but to convey that with a strong emotional element sometimes means slowing the pace down. One powerful message is made when you leave out additional features and services. Your video makes a greater connection. Check out the video below to see how one point of focus can help you make a lasting impression on your customers.