Why Hire a Professional to Make Your Owner Training Videos?

Why Hire a Professional to Make Your Owner Training Videos?

If you’re a developer, architect, or general contractor, you know safety is always top of mind. This runs your decisions from design to construction to your building transfer.

Many companies have their general contractor produce their Owner Training Videos. However, many Owner Training Videos produced by your contractors don’t have adequate lighting. They also don’t know the specific ways to engage the maintenance team’s attention. It’s important to use professional editing techniques that direct focus. The best way to reduce liability is to hire a professional video company.

In the video below, you’ll see professional quality techniques that direct attention. The editing also directs focus to the crucial elements necessary to maintain generators. The high quality lighting also enables less room for error or misunderstanding.

Owner Training Videos are one of the final line items on your spec sheet, and you want to plan ahead. A professional video production company can coordinate with your contractors to successfully keep your project on track. That way you can get back to completing your punch list.

Also, mobile device videos of your job site are not ideal. A professional video company has the proper equipment to handle the sensory overload on a job site. Also, tasking your general contractor with organizing and delivering your videos is not ideal. A professional videographer knows how to deliver your files so they can be easily accessed for future use.

If you’d like to learn more about our construction video services, we’d love to be your trade partner. Contact us today or schedule your call with us to discuss the needs of your project.

Do You Need a Culture Video?

Do You Need a Culture Video?

Government contractors, associations, and corporations need to distinguish themselves from their competition. Many prospects can’t tell the difference from all the companies out there. This is because upon first glance, it appears they all have the same capabilities. Oftentimes, when you offer the same services as your competitors, what sets you apart is a culture video.

Part of your marketing process should be to educate your prospects about your cultural differences. While they may be obvious to your employees and your customers, they are usually not readily apparent to your prospects.

Examples of how your culture sets you apart might be in how you perform your initial discovery or assessment phase, or how you deliver your product. It might also be in how you recruit, train, or retain your employees. It might even be how you interact with your customers.

Here is an example of a culture video that we did for Edgeworth Economics. This video shows their journey and growth over the last decade. It also serves as a compelling recruiting video to attract their desired talent.

If you’d like to learn how a culture video can help your organization, contact us today or schedule your discovery call.

Doctors – Showcase Your Procedures with a YouTube Video!

Doctors – Showcase Your Procedures with a YouTube Video!

YouTube recently surpassed television when it comes to consumer use. Hosting your videos on YouTube is a fantastic opportunity for cosmetic surgeons and other medical specialities to showcase their practices and grow their clientele.

It’s also much more cost effective, especially when you consider the fees involved with promoting your practice on cable or network television. You can use your YouTube channel to feature your practice as much as you like, when compared to traditional TV commercials.

Showcase your facility, feature your credentials and what sets you apart, and describe your procedures with specifics about what you can do for your patients.

We create effective videos that help patients and prospective patients see you as an expert in your field, and highlight your credibility and expertise. We recently shot this “Welcome to Our Practice” video for Dr. Steven B. Hopping. Check it out below.

As you can see, Dr. Hopping explains his procedures and the unique services offered in his practice by talking directly to prospective patients. This allows people viewing his video to engage with him in a face-to-face style, as if they were receiving a personal consultation. He has posted this video to the front page of his website to welcome visitors.

Here are some examples of what we can cover in your practice videos:

  1. What are your board certifications and credentials?
  2. What are some of your unique procedures and services?
  3. Do you have any patient testimonials to include?
  4. Are they hotels where patients from out of town can stay?
  5. Are there specific questions about procedures you can answer?

You can use your YouTube videos to demonstrate various procedures, explain treatment options for a variety of conditions, provide patient tips, and much more.

To learn more about the benefits of promoting your medical practice with video, contact us today. We’ll help you quickly generate content, so you can get back to what you do best — helping patients look and feel their best with your expertise.

Halloween Haunts in Virginia

Halloween Haunts in Virginia

To spread the word about the most haunted house in Virginia (15 minutes from Blacksburg and Roanoke, Virginia Tech and Radford University), and awaken the story about the Woodson Massacre in a viral video for modern day viewers, Gallows Dead Oak Hollow tapped us — eerily, on the shoulder.

In a shoot that took just a day — with a cast coming mostly from the staff of the haunt itself, we set to work to put chills down your spine — on a brutally hot summer day.

Gallows successfully shared the video via social media to virally promote their haunted house (three final dates this weekend!) in a YouTube campaign that’s garnered over 18,000 views and counting.

Here’s the film that got everyone talking:

We want to thank the Gallows staff for coming through — having only time to memorize their lines just hours before the shoot, and pulling through for the final scene, a coordinated teamwork of effort that required over a dozen actors.

For us, this job went past helping Gallows spread the word through the grapevine about a local horror story — it gave us a chance to share our love of the horror genre and let it shine.

Winning clients should be easier than wooing your ex-girlfriend.

Winning clients should be easier than wooing your ex-girlfriend.

Winning over your clients should be a lot easier than trying to woo your ex-girlfriend.

And… unlike your ex-girlfriend, video is here to stay. Facebook already makes video a priority with Live Video, and now ranks it above everything else in your feed.

So, how do you give your company the security it needs? With a video that showcases your brand, connects with clients and demonstrates the awesome story of why you’re great.

Have you ever heard the mantra, “Take care of your customers and the rest will take care of itself”? You grow your business when you help your clients grow their businesses. Discuss your strengths and expertise about your products and services. Give them the features that set your company apart. Let them make the informed decision to choose you above all others. Set the tone — and then encourage them to contact you.

You aim to be the best at what you do. Let us showcase your work and tell your story. And — feel lucky — like we said, reaching out to your customers with video is a lot easier than trying to win back an ex-girlfriend.