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The Laundry Truck

The Laundry Truck

For homeless people in Denver, Colorado, a new opportunity is in town. Bayaud Enterprises has transformed (a feat of engineering as you’ll see) a commercial truck used for paper-shredding into a free moving laundromat.

They could have just sold the truck, it was in good condition. But they chose instead to lead an initiative and help a community in need.

Jacqueline Collins, a local photographer, reached out to us with her interview footage and documentary photography, and asked us to edit her video.

Here is the story of The Laundry Truck.

A lot of people contact us to edit their footage and photos. We’re always happy to edit and produce them, especially when it helps homeless people get the services they need to get and maintain jobs.

We’re excited to share how Bayaud Enterprises worked with Radian, Denver Homeless Outloud, and other providers and advocacy organizations to retire a commercial truck to create a mobile laundry facility.

To donate to The Laundry Truck, visit Bayaud Enterprises and click the Donate Now button in the upper right corner.

When You’re a Master, Less is More

When You’re a Master, Less is More

The beauty of the matter is less is more. To arrive there means chipping away at your message so all clients see is your brand and what you do best. We are all masters, but to convey that with a strong emotional element sometimes means slowing the pace down. One powerful message is made when you leave out additional features and services. Your video makes a greater connection. Check out the video below to see how one point of focus can help you make a lasting impression on your customers.